Licensed Professional Counselor

Michael Deason, LPC, NCC

Childhood through adolescence is a time of great change and development during which many patients can benefit from meeting with a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

For this reason, Sandhills Pediatrics has an in-house counselor to discuss a range of topics in an easy accessible and familiar setting for our patients.

Mr. Deason joined us in 2012 and has since traveled among our office locations throughout the week to see patients.

During appointments with our In-House Counselor, patients may discuss topics such as:

  • School Stressors (ex. test anxiety, bullying, and peer pressure)
  • Family Stressors (ex. Separation/divorce, major transitions such as a move, or major illnesses in the family)
  • Behavioral Problems/Changes (ex. Excessive anger, acting out, eating disorders, mood swings, depression, and insomnia/excessive sleepiness)

If you suspect your child is experiencing a difficulty and may benefit from extra help, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to discuss your concerns. Your primary care provider will recommend an appointment with Mr. Deason if he/she feels your child should be seen for Counseling.

Michael Deason